‘British meat’ more important than ‘British food’

Consumer research has shown that consumers are more concerned about where their meat comes from that about the rest of their food purchases.

Speaking at the MLC Outlook Conference in London today, (30 January) Meat and Livestock Commission (MLC) Chairman Peter Barr said new information had shown that the origin of meat sold in British shops is a far more important factor in customers’ buying decisions than was previously thought.

He told the audience of 150 members of the livestock and meat industry that previous work carried out for the IGD had shown only 11 per cent of people believed the country of origin of their food to be important.

But when the word ‘food’ was replaced by the word ‘meat’ the percentage of people who said country of origin was among the top five factors in making their buying decision rose to 30 per cent.

The research, carried out for EBLEX and BPEX, also showed quality marks to be more than twice as important in choosing meat than in other food and while the number identifying the visual appearance of ‘food’ as a buying factor was 37 per cent, the number who felt the appearance of ‘meat’ important was 58 per cent.

“These results are not surprising,” Mr Barr commented. “We have a great product, a robust home demand and shoppers who are predisposed to our meat.”